Shield-Dex ties are (AS85049-128 certified) and produced by an ISO9001 / ITAR Certified Manufacturer. Replacements for Band-It’s Tie Dex® or Glenair’s 600 series and Master Band shield termination ties.
Shield-Dex Ties
Manufactured from 304SS, Shield-Dex Ties conform to the following: AS85049/128 Specifications, AMS 5513 J Requirements, and meet DFARS Compliance.  Shield-Dex Ties are designed to seamlessly replace A10089 & A31189 Band-It Tie-Dex Ties, this includes Glenair’s 600-052 & 600-057 series Band-Master ATS ties.

Manufactured in the U.S. by individuals familiar with Tie-Dex, and previous direct involvement with manufacturing of the Tie-Dex tooling to final processing of the A10089, A10099, and the BA31189,
and BA31199 products.  Our ties meet all requirements that the Band-It Tie-Dex products meet.  Including only using Stainless Steel smelted by US companies to insure DFARS compliance!

Band Solutions didn’t stop at making a replacement for the A10089, and A31189 products with the lowest profile buckle available, we Improved areas that installers Appreciate most!  The Tie Tips have been modified from the A10089, and A31189 from a radius, to a bullet nose – this was done to reduce the frustration of feeding the tie for coiling, and in addition makes it easier to install the tie into the installation tool.  Customers familiar with the Tie-Dex products such as the A10089, and A31189 will realize an immediate improvement in coiling, and installing our tie into the tool!

Shield-Dex Ties, just like the A10089, and A31189 Tie-Dex Ties are designed for use on EMI/RFI wiring harnesses utilizing Backshell connectors to secure the protective shielding.  Currently used by the U.S. Military and in industries such as: Aviation (Boeing, GE Turbines, Lockheed Martin), Healthcare (Tyco, Philips Ultrasound), Technology (Molex), and an ever-increasing presence in the Automotive Industry for electric vehicle wiring! 

Be prepared to be competitive, as more industries incorporate EMI/RFI shielding in an ever-changing global environment that requires companies to safeguard their wiring harnesses in today’s High-Tech World! Shield-Dex clamps may be used in various other industries that require a strong clamp and the lowest profile Buckle available!
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A301 401 Operating Instructions
Tools Usage and Storage
At Band Solutions we have complete customer support for the current One-Step Hand Installation tools, we have the capabilities to repair, rebuild, and calibrate even the most severely used tools to make them work like new again. And if you are having slipping problems with your A301/600-061 Hand Tools we developed a tension gripper that solves the problem, send it in, let us provide the Solution!
We use the Daniel’s (DMC) Electronic Calibration Instrument DBS-CG4D for tool calibrations.
Being direct replacements for the A10089, and A31189, Band Solutions Shield-Dex Ties may be installed with Band-It's A401/301 and Glenair's series 600-058/061 hand tools as well as Band-It's A351/352 and Glenair's 600-067/068 pneumatic tools.  
We proudly promote and sell DANIEL's One-Step hand tools, part number(s) DBS-2100 for the A10089 ties, and the DBS-2200 for the A31189 1/8" ties.
NEW - Tool repair and calibration services for all One-Step hand tools!! Contact us today!
​Are you looking for specialty clamps and stainless-steel tie & banding products? If you answer yes, then you have come to the right place. Band Solutions LLC offers Tie-Dex products for companies that are in the automotive, medical and aerospace industry.

Just like the A10089, and A31189 ties, the Shield-Dex products are made from 304SS that conforms to AMS 5513 J requirements. Band Solutions LLC guarantees that our products are durable and are DFARS-compliant.

Apart from the EMI/RFI ties, we also offer band & buckle products and installation tools that are compatible with the Shield-Dex products we carry. This just simply means that you don't need to shop anywhere else because we have all of these available to you.

We are confident of Shield-Dex's products. We can guarantee that these products can be used as replacments for A10089, and A31189 Band-It Ties, and meet testing specifications as outlined in the AS85049. With regard to pricing, we can ensure that we offer competitive and fair pricing because we know the capability and durability of our products.

For more information about Shield-Dex products, you can send us an email at Jon@Bandsol7.com or you can give us a call at (303)261-7541. We will be happy to assist you with any concerns you might have. However, it is best that you give us a call first.

The Daniels Band Installation Tool
Improve your installation experience! DANIELS Manufacturing Corporation has debuted the DBS-2100 and DBS-2200 tools

Weight reduction in the front provides better balance and a more comfortable grip; modified linkage reduces the amount of pressure required for the cut-off step. Combined – this tool reduces operator fatigue and provides a superior tie/clamp installation operation!

The links below provide the DMC Operator's manuals, please review and call us to discuss TODAY!
DBS-2100 Operators Manual
Tool Repair and Calibration